Guest/ “Chill out”

That particular chikan I posted about has a past when it comes to me. He got me in a lot of trouble at a place I was employed. Back in the the ‘80’s we had procedures in place regarding my duties. He wanted me to break rules which I could not. We kind of bumped heads, but it passed. Then one day I saw him in the baggage claim area at the airport. He was standing, with two security guys from the Nation” retrieving his luggage. But I noticed him standing really close to a red-headed white girl! I know chikan action when I see it, so I watched from a distance as he put his crotch up against her. I was amazed that a nationally-know figure like him would attempt this in the open! I’m sure others noticed, so when you say don’t “out” him, I think he “putted” himself! He would be at that tourist attraction that EasyRider and I worked. That’s not a problem except he stuck out like a sore thumb because of what he wore. When I saw him he’d be in shiny silky clothing. Totally inappropriate for a Sunday afternoon at the beach. NOBODY dressed like that, so he’d get a lot of attention just on his attire. I could have said something to warn him, but i thought about how he got me into potential trouble at my job. But I saw him many more times doing that at the spot.

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