New most (but really not) famous candidate???

Take a look at this screenshot from a mid-aughts crime-action drama. Someone will likely be able to name the movie.

The guy I have the screenshot focused upon (Asian guy taking to girl) is an L.A. Rider. As his appearance has changed significantly since the time of the movie, I feel confident that I'm not outting him. (But prior to the start of the pandemic, he was still active out here.)

I first began seeing him at the world famous touristic spot in the late 90s. Gave one memorable performance - was deep riding the girlfriend of a tourist (boyfriend was standing right next to her) at one of the shows. He caught the attention of the UCs. Just before the show ended, he realized he had been watched. So, as the show ended, he smoothly began to pretend that he was with the couple - walking away with them, placing his hands on their shoulders while he walked with them. Unfortunately for him, the watchers saw through the ruse. He got lucky, though - a warning and an order to leave.

After that incident, would see him on rare occasion here and there. It was about 2001 / 2002 that he evolved his look to what you see in the screenshot.

When the movie was released back in 2004, I recognized him immediately.

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