Guestz - The most-famous chikan (RIP)

I don't recall how I knew who he was - likely because NoI was in the news so much back then. He would've been in some film footage & numerous photos considering his position.

I remember back in the day when he began showing up. He wasn't a regular - first began showing up sporadically one summer. Didn't see him again until the following summer. By that time he was pretty engaged in the practice. Would come to out dressed in the Islamic regalia.

By the time of his third summer there, another rider that I used to hang with - a Haitian dude - decided to pull him aside to talk to him. We (the Haitian guy & I) had been talking, when he said, "I'm going to talk to him". He then approached him, and began by saying, "Hey, my brudda...." Don't recall conversation verbatim, but the gist was the Haitian guy recognized him. At the end of that conversation, guy smiled and said, "thank you my brotha" and left.

The Haitian guy had wanted to warn him since, by this time, the UCs were hot-n-heavy there on the weekends.

I recall seeing him maybe 2 or 3 more times before he stopped coming entirely. He didn't attempt to ride those final times I saw him. And it wasn't too long thereafter before he passed away.

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