First time I came in my pants (WARNING: she may be 11 years old)

I found this picture. And I’m so happy I did. This girl in the picture is about 13/14 here. The story I’m going to tell took place about 2 years before this.

I already shared this story before but I wanna share it again since it’s my personal favorite story simply because of how fucking good the experience was and it was the first time I came while groping!

I was about 16, this girl was 11 but just take a look at that ass. It looked even better when I humped her because she was about 10/15 pounds heavier. All that weight was in her ass and thighs :)

Back in 2008-2009, I took a trip to my country with my parents. I used to go every year. Long story short, this girl who was my grandmothers neighbor, used to have a huge crush on me. She used to come over my gmas house just to get me to play hide n seek with her and her friends. She was such a whore looking back. I used to hide with her all the time and just hump her ass with a strong boner. And I used to backhand her ass all the time. She never showed any sign that she was aware of this

She never looked at my dick or even questioned what was poking her. Looking back I realize that she probably liked the feeling (but didn’t realize it because she was 11) which was why she kept hiding with me. Plus she had a huge crush on me.

One day I’m on my computer browsing MySpace at the time (Facebook was already popular at this point but ppl at my school, schools everywhere still used MySpace), and I hear the doorbell ring. I already knew she was going to come and try to get me to play with her but I had other plans ;).

Since my parents weren’t home that day, just my grandma, I realized I can take advantage of this girl. I always wore basketball shorts with no underwear when I would hang out with her. She comes into the room I was in and says “holaaa” with a big smile . I say “hey come in I’m just looking at MySpace”. She says okay. I’m sitting on the computer chair and she’s sitting on the bed next to me. She’s wearing some pajama shorts btw.

I’m staring at her thighs and telling myself how the fuck does an 11 year old have such thick thighs. I start to get a boner just looking at her thick thighs . My mind then starts to figure out a way I can hump her and get away with it. So I come up with this. I turn on the computer camera and say “hey we should take pictures” she says “okay :)” :)))) . So I say “come sit on my lap”. She got up and I grabbed her by the waist and sat her down on my rock hard dick.

Didn’t even notice she was sitting on a hard dick. So oblivious. So we take about 50 or so pictures doing all type of silly faces (as I’m moaning to myself). This took about 10 minutes. My dick was in heaven. I start to think wow I feel like I’m about to cum in my shorts right now. All I needed was a little bit of movement. I come up with this. So I’m trying to kill more time while I’m thinking of a way to hump her

In the middle of thinking she starts to get up and I pull her back down on my dick and say “where do you think you’re going?” We’re not done taking pictures. She raises her voice a little bit and says “but we took like 50 pictures” lmaoo. I said “are you yelling at me?” And I poked her in the ribs. When I did that she bounced on my dick! I completely lose it and just straight up start tickling her.

She’s bouncing on my dick and pretty much grinding on me because she was trying to get off my lap but I wasn’t letting her go anywhere. After about 30 seconds of doing this I realize holy shit I’m about to cum right now! I came soo much and man I remember my face I made as I was cumming. I had the biggest “omg I’m cumming” face on

She got off my lap smiling and giggling . Sigh I wish I could relive that moment.

What a way to start off my chikan career. Man I fapped to this story for many years after this. Haven’t in a while but ton I prob will lol.

As I got older I realized looking back, she definitely felt my dick and liked it everytime i humped her. She never showed that she liked it but she would always allow me to grope her. Because she was so young she didn’t realize why she liked it.

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