Compulsion (WARNING: she may be 15 years old)

I posted just to show off how much action I’m getting lol. No other reason

I was going through my camera roll and I came across this picture.

Not a good picture by any means I know. But there’s a story behind it.

I saw this girl out in public when I was working (I was in uniform). I know I said I would never fuck a minor but man this girls body/ass looked so fuckable. This girl was about 15/16 years old. No older than that. The way she was walking around a like a whore was turning me on. I wish the legal limit was 15 because I would have definitely tried to get her number. I don’t look my age btw. I look 22/23.

Later on that day, I put on my groping outfit and was about to hop on a train. As I’m walking I see this broad again. I had a mask, sunglasses, and a hat on so I looked unrecognizable. I decided to be a creep and just follow her and try to brush my hand against her ass or something. As I’m following her, I start to realize there is something really off about her. About 4 times she would literally stop walking and sort of talk to herself. It was so weird.

But it got me horny because I’m thinking maybe this girl isn’t all there in the head. I start to get hard. I told myself at that moment I NEED to feel that ass. I followed her for maybe 5 min. She ends up going into a building . I follow right behind. As we’re both getting in, I go to open the door for her and while doing so I slide my dick (under my loose shorts) across her ass and pushed her forward in the process. I didn’t mean to push but I got so horny when I got close to her.

She didn’t say a word or even look back too see who I was. So I kept following her . Ugh as imm typing this story I realize how bad my compulsion is smh. I follow her further into the building and she goes for the elevator. She pushes the button for the elevator. Doesn’t notice me at all. I ninja’d my way in. Still have a hard on. Elevator finally arrives and there’s a door you have to open to get into the elevator. I open that one for her too and glide my dick again across her ass. No reaction still.

We both get in the elevator and I’m just creeping staring at her ass the entire 20 seconds we got in the elevator. As she’s exiting the elevator, I grope her ass with my hands . Caressed both ass cheeks. This time she felt it.

She looked back. Didn’t say a word. Just gave me a scared look. I felt bad tbh. I thought to myself damn wtf is wrong with me man. When it comes to this groping shit sometimes I just really can’t control myself when I see certain girls. I really need to control that shit because this could easily result in me getting arrested.

Btw there was no camera in the elevator. There was one outside of the building but it certainly didn’t catch me doing any groping. I was at least cognizant of that.

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