Humping sleeping girl (WARNING: she may be 22 years old)

I shared the story in the past about humping my hot neighbor while she was sleeping. She used to come over to smoke and watch movies all the time. I’ve been wanting to fuck her for a while but I’m so friend zoned it’s not even funny. She has a fat fucking ass man.

So one day she hits me up at like 2 am to come thru and smoke. I change into my groping outfit lol. She came in just sweats and a light sweater ;). We chill and at around 330 am she starts to ko on my couch. She was already wasted when she came. The weed just ko’d her. My heart starts pounding because I could tell her eyes were getting heavy and she eventually laid on her side, ass facing outwards towards me.

I took pictures/videos of me groping her ass with my hands over and over (the videos/pics are gone, broke my phone I had the videos/pics in :((( ) Even played with her pussy outside of her sweats. Felt so fucking good. She was knocked out for sure. I could tell by her breathing patterns. After 10 min of groping her ass with my hands over and over, I eventually knew I had to hump her. Couldn’t lose the once in a lifetime opportunity (with her at least).

I took a huge risk by doing so but it was so worth it. I humped her while she was laid out. I came in about a min, nothing new. I was moaning a bit too because of the risk factor. There was absolutely no excuse I could come up with besides telling her I wanted to fuck her lmao.

I was able to do it again a few min later too. Came fast the 2nd time too. After 30 min I tried going for a 3rd time and luckily for me!!!!, i took a bit long thinking if I should do it again and in the middle of thinking (lol) she woke up. I pretended I was knocked out too. I “woke up” to her calling me by my name. She apologized for knocking out on me ;)))). Man it was a great night.

I hope to hump a girl sleeping soon again.

Would love to hear your story of humping a girl sleeping all rounder.

Btw fellas, I’m not expecting a response to this necessarily. Just wanna vent. I haven’t had free sex in 3 years. I’ve been fucking hookers since early 2019. I love groping but sex/oral sex is something I miss so much. Doing it with a partner at least. I don’t want a girlfriend. I just want to a fuck buddy. A girl that equally wants to fuck as much as I do. Not get paid for it. Anyway, I have off from work tomorrow. Tonight I’m gonna get drunk/high and use my tears as lube when I tap tonight :(((

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