Dick out

I think its less risky to take your dick out at a packed night concert then public transportation iv done it 3 times once on public transport and twice at a concert it felt good but i wasn't completely comfortable and i said it before guys have your lawyer money ready!! Just incase...

Dont trust the free lawyers they work for the state too they will throw you to the wolves

I remember a few yrs back someone said they got arrested with there dick out at the Halloween Day Parade here in nyc and beat the case at trial with his paid lawyer and im also speaking from experience chikan expert your playing a dangerous game on those trains you get convicted again you gonna have to register so you especially better have your lawyer money 14k is what i hade to put up to beat my case at trial here in nyc..

my lawyer beat a case where they had dna evidence a guy jerked off on a sleeping girl on the train they found him because of the dna but they beat it no pun intended

Where like drug dealers you have to have your money right for a just incase situation be safe and smart fellas

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