Re: chiking

That is all considered when I whip it out, but as I said many times before it has taken literally decades to master my techniques as to not coming even close to getting caught. One of the most important things I have to always remember is ethnicity. In my whole “career” of doing this, I have not ONCE been in any trouble at all when it came to white targets. Think what you want, but my problems (of which there have only been a few) came from Black girls. As much as I love them, I know I can find some that will let me hump them, but I’ve learned that in most cases I better refrain from pulling it out. I’ve never had a sista let me rub my bare tool on their bare skin (unless I was paying) like I’ve had white girls do. It’s just my experience as a chikan. It’s why I just stick to the white sluts! I’ve been in situations where I’m standing there next to them, SIDEWAYS, looking right in their faces as I unmistakably rub my hard-on against their bare thighs and ass! In those cases I always think to myself “damn, there’s no way a black girl would let me do this”! I just want to kiss those type! I even had one that I was grinding into and it was so good I just moaned and said ‘thank you’! But you have to know when and how to get in those positions.

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