I’m back ! Chikan experience so far

Allrounder is 100 percent correct. There’s so many more opportunities to grope right now in South America compared to Canada. In Canada, keep your distancing ! Don’t sit next to me in the bus ! Wait till the next bus ! Santize your hands and wear masks ! In South America ! More relaxed environment.

Again you can’t risk yourself as prisons in South America are more harsher than North America. There hasn’t been much opportunities to grope with dick, but quite easy to grope with hands like palming a girls butt. I had many, many experiences so far with using my hands to feel up women during my vacation here. I will be here for quite a while until the virus and the lockdown eases in Canada. I am guessing till end of April or beginning of September. I came to South America in December 10.

In case y’all don’t know which country I am referring to, it’s the country that’s very similar to the one Allrounder is in.

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