Guestz: Black Girls

I think that in some ways black women are more conservative when it comes to sex than some other groups. For example, I am told that many girls in my country regard oral sex as a perversion and wont engage in it. Likewise, they are many black men here who swear that they would never perform oral sex on a woman. But on the other hand, I think I am right when I say that this-thing-that-we-do is considered as bordering on normal by many black people everywhere. After all dirty dancing and freak dancing have been part of our culture forever. And those types of dancing are closely related to what we do. So I would guess that black girls would make somewhat easier targets. Remember, for example, your old female workmates who said that being humped by strangers was something that happened all the time and was not something to become bothered about. But taking your dick out when humping is definitely not cultural for us, so that might explain the response that you get. Of course, it's not cultural for anyone, but my point is that black women may be more conservative and less likely to deviate from their cultural norms.

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