Best wet dream

So, about what happened last week, I think I’m in the clear.

It was actually a wet dream I had.

Didn’t actually happen sorry for fooling you guys lol

I had a dream that I was in a bus trying to get my grope on. I tried for what seemed to be about 2 1/2 hours. I was unsuccessful and it was getting late so I decided I’ll just go home and try again the next day. As I was getting off, I noticed this lady. She was soo fucking out of it. Wasted. There were only 1 stop on the bus left. I immediately had a light bulb go off in my head.

I got off the bus and RAN as quickly as I could to my car. I got in my car and drove to the last stop on that bus. I just made it on time because I see the bus driver struggling to get the lady off the bus. I was so fucking horny in the dream so I get out of my car and see if I can help her keep her balance. She was absolutely out of it

I went to her and asked her “hey are you ok?” She just looked at me and smiled and grabbed me by the arm to help her walk. I did so and said “how are you feeling?” No response. So I asked her “ where do you live? you’re too drunk to be walking around like this” She just looked at me expressionless. I made it believable to the people around us that I came to pick her up from the bus stop so nobody ever questioned anything. I mean there were only a couple of people anyway.

I walked her to my car and from here I decided okay I’m gonna be a good samaritan and take her home. I got her in my car. Her breath reeked of alcohol. I put my hand on her lap and said “hey where do you live?” She responded in Spanish.. “why are you with me?” Very slurred speech btw. I guess in the dream she thought I was her bf. So at this time I’m saying okay wow this dream I’m having must mean I miss my ex girlfriend or something haha

We talk for a bit. Well she was so out of it it was hard to understand anything

I drove off to a spot in my neighborhood where it’s deserted. We’re having very little convo. The convo in the car was a blur for me too because I had a rock hard boner under my thin track pants/no underwear while I was rubbing my hands all over her legs (she had on leggings). Then out of nowhere she looks at me (a min away from the spot) and she smiles at me. Then she kisses my neck and tries to go for my lips.

But man in the dream her breath fucking stunk.

So I just let her keep kissing my neck and finally we get to the spot. Then she looks at me again and says “what do you want from me?”. I just say nothing I just wanna get you home safe. You’re really drunk. (I started to get nervous. Thinking she was snapping out of it) (this dream felt surreal)

She says “ Noo I think I should get off here” (slurred speech) . I said “are you sure? You’re really drunk. She said “my phone, my phone”


Ohh you need help finding your phone? Okay let me use my phone light and check around your feet area maybe you dropped it. I still had a rock hard boner. Hmmmm. I got out of the car and went to the passenger side and said maybe “you’re sitting on it?”. She said “ help me get up”. Gladly. I helped her get up (no phone on the seat) and sat her right on my dick in the passenger seat. She just kinda looked straight, didn’t pay attention to me as I was moving my dick left and right on her ass

I hugged her and said “ hey sorry I don’t see your phone anywhere”. At the same time I picked her up and sat her right back in my dick. Kinda made her bounce. Maaan this dream was so vivid. Her cheeks were soft man. I faked looked around the car and said “I think you left it somewhere else it’s not here”. She looked back and me and tried to kiss me again. I turned away and just kept making her bounce on my dick. This lasted for maybe 2/3 min.

She then said “I think I’ll just walk home from here” still very slurred speech. She opened the door and tried getting off my lap. I sat her quickly again on my rock hard dick and held her there for maybe 10 more secs. After 10 secs I released a huge load of cum in my pants. She got off my lap and just walked around. She couldn’t even walk straight.

I woke up right there. Sheesh one of my best wet dreams. Sorry for fooling you guys into thinking it was real.

Never doing something like that in a dream again though. The paranoia I felt when I woke up was too much.

Btw, @all rounder what did you think I was talking about? I’m very curious!

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