Re: Allrounder/“Dick out” question

As I have mentioned several times over the years, I have very specific situations that I put myself in when I’m at festivals of that magnitude. But left me point out that it’s only at festivals that I can get away with it! Small venues with just a few hundred, although packed, I would not attempt it (not anytime recently at least). One thing about “this thing we do”, is it takes a lot of time to cultivate techniques and to plan out certain ways to be sneaky about it. For instance, it was years before I figured out how to take it out and do my thing. It took a lot of concert settings and circumstances to know that girls notice some things and not others. Ive nutted all-out on white girls in short-shorts and not a single reaction, but the one time (actually twice) I nutted on Black girls I got the worst reaction I could imagine! So now I specifically search for white-dominated festival crowds. I don’t know why white girls don’t react like black girls. I cannot explain that. But I remember something a friend told me years and years ago about his time in public high school (of which I did not attend): He swore that all he had to do was pull his johnson out for the whites girls and they’d suck it, no hesitation! But he would try the same with the black girls at his school and most would not do it-they would fuck, but sucking was out!

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