Re: Allrounder

I find that amazing, your “background”! Like I’ve said many times before, I went to private Christian schools and was raised in “church settings”. But because of the situations I was in during school, I got into this chikan-thing. I’m not blaming it all on the school, because I was a horny goat even before kindergarten! Some may not believe that, but my early memories involve rubbing my pecker on a neighbors legs. It’s an urge that has always been there. The Christian school just happened to play a major roll in bringing it out! As for dancing, I find that in the festival settings I prefer, I do no dancing at all, unless you can consider rubbing back-and-forth, up-and-down on ass and bare thighs to a beat, dancing! In the best scenario (which is at a rock festival, number one choice, or hip hop crowd, number two, lately) there’s usually no room to actually dance. That’s why I can get away with pulling my dock out!

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