Re: The Religious Factor

Boy, when I tell you’all that religion played a huge factor in my chikan life, it’s an understatement! One of the recently mentioned religions I was brought up under. And being at those religious school settings was the icing on my career! Some may disagree with me, but I believe that the strict rules at the school I attended lead to the experiences I was able to use after school.
Going to school everyday from my 7th grade until graduation from high school was like going to a chikan “boot camp”! Actually, it started in 1st grade but escalated in the 7th.
Even the strict dress code at our school helped me when it came to groping. Girls weren’t allowed to wear pants- that was seen as not “lady-like”, so they could only wear skirts. OMG! So that left their only alternative to gaining attention: short dresses, showing off those teenage shapely thighs! That’s how I developed my fixation of thighs and pretty skin. I spent all day everyday plotting to grope and frott. My mind was mush when it came to class work. Dick stayed hard, so that’s why I found steady targets that I could hump until I released the tension.
After t finished high school, I wasn’t done with high school age girls. I and my best friend discovered Catholic school dances, where hot-ass Catholic school girls let you get away with murder at the dances. Catch a slow song and grind until you were exhausted. Same at the public high schools too. I hit them all!

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