How I Identify Women That I've Humped

When I post a picture of a woman I have humped, people might wonder, how do I know it is her? I know it is her because I keep a diary of all of my encounters, and in that book I record data about my frottees that can help me identify them. This info includes things like a description of her face, her body type, her skin colour, what kind of hair she has and her hairstyle, her approximate age, her height, where she lives, where she goes to school if she is a student, where she works if she is an adult wearing a uniform. I then take this info to social media, while the memory of her face is still fresh, and in only about three percent of the cases, I find out who she is. Sometimes it is easy, but usually it takes many days of searching before I am successful. Even though the success rate is low, I have still been able to identify over 50 of my frottees. I do not think this would be possible if I did not live in a small country.

Since these identifications are principally for my own personal diary, there would be no point in me going online, selecting a picture of a random woman and telling myself, this is the woman I humped. That would be pointless. I have an online library of pictures of my frottees, and I only include images of a woman if I am 100% certain that it is her. All the data I mentioned above has to check out.

As I have said before, a picture of a woman you have humped is a picture of a woman you have humped, whenever that image was taken. Trying to draw a distinction between different types seems silly to me. Furthermore, I think that it is nice to have an in the field image of a woman you have humped, but it is much more valuable to actually know who the woman is, to be able to identify her, which is what I do when I find her on social media.

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