Shoulder humped a nun and she enjoyed it

So, as the title suggests, I was sitting on the bus minding my own business when a nun (about 35 yrs old) got on at the next stop along with around 20 other people. Anyway, being the good Samaritan that I am, I offered my seat to the nun. Now I noticed that she was very good looking. Y'all, slim with a nice ass, with her hair in a tight bun.

I would rather have humped her ass, but since she was now sitting, I decided to jump her shoulder. Here's where I noticed that she was into it. As I got more aggressive, she puts her hand into her bag, acting like she's searching for something, while using her elbow to 'elbow my dick'. I know this was intentional because she made contact with my dick 4-5 times until I had a giant orgasm. It was incredible to say the least. And it was nice knowing that like cassanova, I too seduced a nun! (Well, in a way lol)

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