Re: Chikan Expert

I think a lot of us do things every once-in-while that we regret. I once “went too far” at a festival about 15 years ago, where I pulled out my pecker and nutted on the bare thigh of a mixed-race teenager. This girl was extremely pretty, and had been letting me get away with so much that I got caught up in the moment. I held my pole, “one-eye” first, against her extremely smooth skin and shot a tremendous load against her-in bright sunlight! That was a no-go for her. She felt my eruption and looked down at my tool as I was emptying it on her! She looked up at me in horror, right in the middle of a mosh pit! In the end that is what saved me. She tried to get as far away from me as possible, as quickly as possible. But what that did was give me a chance to flee the opposite way. On the way out of the venue I was more nervous than I’ve ever been when it comes to this shit. I threw my cap away, tossed my glasses- everything I could do to not be immediately identified if she had alerted security. For two weeks I looked for mention on local news. After that I eased up somewhat. But I learned that day to not let daylight catch me slipping like that again. There’s other things I learned from it too, but I did learn from the experience. No matter what happens you can always get something out of your experience.

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