Wet Humpers Beware (A Story from France)

What interests me about the following story is that the humper was caught by the genetic analysis of his sperm. Remember that the police do not have to have an sample of your DNA to match to that at the crime scene, they can now use information gathered by family history websites to track you down. What do the dick out artists think about this story? People like Guestz, Red Dragon, and others. Are you not afraid that this could happen to you?

Paris: the metro frotteur had cut an opening in his pants at the crotch

The facts go back to last May. A 22-year-old man had stuck to a woman in a crowded subway car of line 13 in Paris and put his erect penis on her buttocks. This inhabitant of Hauts-de-Seine had finally been caught thanks to genetic analyzes of the sperm found on the clothes of the victim. Prosecuted for sexual assault, the frotter has just been sentenced to two years in prison. Investigators found several pants cut out at the crotch at his home.

This subway stalker had developed a technique. He cut his pants out at the crotch to rub against women more easily. Last May, the man trapped a woman at the Place-de-Clichy metro station. "A hand in the pocket of his pants, he had put his erect penis on her buttocks," reports Le Parisien. The traveler was only able to free herself two stops later, at Guy-Môquet station. The culprit was found a few days later, thanks to his sperm. At his home, the police made a strange discovery: "three fitted pants, cut out to a length of about 10 cm at the crotch," said the daily.

Locked in the remand center of Fresnes, in Val-de-Marne, the young man was prescribed obligatory therapeutic care. He is also prohibited from taking public transport.

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