Re: Allrounder

That’s probably it! I enjoy it once I’m lined up behind them (targets) but it’s the chase that I’m worn-down behind. I used to go through so much prep for a lot of my endeavors that it has just become tiresome. For instance, when I was doing Venice Beach almost weekly, I would start off by spending an hour at the airport early on Sunday afternoon. But before I could do that I had to set it up to get off work early enough to catch the right crowds, change my clothes, then park close to the terminal and go to work. Sometimes id get so lucky I’d catch one early then head to the beach. Once I arrived at VB, I had to find street parking close enough to ride my bike into the boardwalk. Then I’d lock it up and work the street performance crowds. Bac-and-forth between crowds for the remaining daylight hours. Eventually I’d catch my nutt, then back to the bicycle and back to wherever I parked the car! Sometimes if it was too late I’d have explaining to do as to why I was so late getting home. It may not sound like much but believe me it would wind up a long day, after working 7 hours too. But when you’re young you can do it. I’m not broken-down old yet, but I lack the patience I once had to work thru the obstacles.

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