Very Disappointed Concert Canceled

Concert postponed several times then canceled finally, very pissed off and let down.

I spent a decent amount of money on this Concert for this bullshit to end up happening.

Wasn't canceled for covid but for other retarded ass reasons.

All while waiting several concerts passed by that I actually had interest in but I had my goals set on this one.... all for NOTHING.

I got something cooking early next month, and maybe in March if covid doesn't fuck that up but I'm starting to get very money oriented rather than cheap temporarily thrills.

With tons of money so to speak I can frot any woman for however long I want to (assjob, titjob, other explicit acts if wanted) I remember the West Coast OG brother said he didn't knock what I just said he does the same if it came down to it.

Well I'm thinking of getting my passport and going over seas where the America dollar stretches big depending the country you go.

I heard you could do more than just frot the most biggest roundest juiciest ass in Colombia for a mere $20 for a WHOLE WEEK.

The states is overrated; 2nd and 3rd world countries is where it's at.

Can you imagine getting busted and put a registry list for frotting a chick in a NYC train by UCs and the chick you were frotting wasnt complaining but yet officer needle dick and his buddies are envious and want to player hate and ruin your day like a bunch of jealous cock suckers.

Dude I'm ready to travel and have fun, again, fuck the states and this coronĂ£ virus bullshit.

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