I think men are easily deluded with regard to how women sometimes perceive us - particularly as it pertains to desirability when age is a factor.

Recall that a basic psychological attribute for frotteurism is the delusional notion of having a relationship with the victim. In order to have a relationship with someone, you have to believe that you're desirable "in their eyes".

Obviously, there are age inappropriate relationships, but those are not societal norm, nor a biological norm. Typically, these pairings attract often derisive attention.

That said, I think not only is it possible to "retire", it likely is also preferable to do so. I myself have planned for a retirement of 2026. That year will mark reaching a milestone decade age-wise. Despite my having (thank God) very good health, maintaining myself, still being somewhat attractive to significantly younger women, I fully expect a time coming where that won't be the case.

I don't want to be the guy in the French article linked below. I don't want to like some of the guys I've observed. If at all possible, I'd rather leave the game on my terms.

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