Re: Allrounder question

My guess, for me at least, is Im going to eventually bow out of most of this. I know I won’t be going to concerts much longer, but the last remaining time I go I will savor. Compared to how I used to go at it, I’m certain that I’ll be able to cut it loose. I know some of you will point to my statements of how im itching to get back even now, which is true. But honestly, I had planned on slowing down after 2020 before this damn virus hit anyway. All it did was delay my plans. I’d gotten to the place where small venues were starting to be too much trouble and just not as fun. Even the big festivals had gotten so lame entertainment-wise that I was not as anxious to attend. The shows that I attend in the fall were really starting to suck, but then a Black festival peeped things up a bit. I just found out this past week that a spring festival I’ve attended for years has already been canceled AGAIN this year, so things aren’t looking good in the near future. I’m thinking that if they don’t happen this year at all, I’m through.

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