Aged Humper Apprehended

I would like to know what people think about the following story, especially the more seasoned members. Is this how we are going to end our days? At what age should you retire? Should you retire at all? Should you quit while you are ahead and stop before they stop you, or should you keep going for as long as you are able? The story is from a French newspaper.

The "frotteur" of the Montbéliard buses goes to prison
A 69-year-old Montbéliard man was sentenced to six months in prison on Thursday morning for rubbing himself on 16-year-old girls on CTPM buses. He systematically took the lines serving high schools in Montbéliard.

The "frotteur" only used the high school lines.
In the metro in Paris we call this kind of gallant gentlemen "frotteurs". In Montbéliard, in the CTPM buses, the poor 16-year-old adolescent girls who have dealt with one of them speak more of a sexual predator. He is a man of Yugoslav origin, aged 69. Young girls can now sleep peacefully, the CTPM's frotteur will sleep behind bars for several months. He was sentenced to 10 months in prison and compulsory treatment.

Always at the end of class
A severe sentence because the defendant does not acknowledge the facts. And yet, the president of the court showed him the photos taken from the video surveillance cameras of the buses. And we can clearly see him, glued to the teenage girls in the crowded buses since he traveled exclusively during school leaving times and on Diam A and Diam B, the two lines that serve the city's high schools. "It happened 3 or 4 times no more" claims this father of four children including two daughters.

Prison, compulsory care and registration with the FIJAIS
But at the back of the room, one of his victims bursts into tears and comes to set the record straight. "It was every Wednesday noon. He blocked us between two bars of the bus, he glued himself onto us and he pushed us with his pelvis." They are three to bring civil action, but many other young girls have crossed his path. After his release from prison in 10 months, this frotteur will have to be treated by a psychiatrist, he will also be banned from CTPM buses. From now on he is also registered in the file of sex offenders.

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