There are women who like being humped by strangers (WARNING: she may be 35 years old)

Fuck it, one last story . A quick one. This is how I’m 100% certain a few percentage of girls like random men humping them.

I think it helped that Imm a decent looking guy.

I’m on the platform scoping. Very quickly because the train just arrived. It wasn’t that crowded this day but good enough to grope. I see this one Jamaican lady with a crazy fat ass. She looked like she knew how to twerk that ass. She was smokin hot. I run over to her and I immediately got right behind her. Once I pressed my dick on her ass, she jumped, and just walked a few inches away from me. I thought ohh fuck please don’t make a scene.

NEXT THING YOU KNOW, she looks at me up and down and casually walked back to where I was!
I couldn’t believe it. This has never happened to me before. I can probably see something like this happening in concerts based off reading your guys stories. That’s hot man. I can’t wait to attend a crowded concert for the first time.

Anyway, she literally stood right in front of me and let me have my way . I came so much. I wanted to thank her lol and maybe ask for her number. But I didn’t know how to approach her. Great nut that day. I wish I took a picture of her ass. It was so fat

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