Encouragement - verbal/non-verbal

Noticed the brief exchange about being on the receiving end of encouragement to ride. I know I've gotten a lot of, "what are you waiting for" looks if she is, or has been expecting me to take a ride.

My favorite non-verbal move of encouragement? Standing at the barricade at a packed show, girls / women on either side of me. Classic move - gets me hard instantly - when the female decides to "slip" her hip, or flank of her ass between the gap I leave between the barricade and my crotch. Maaan!!! the times that has happened.

The one verbal bit that stands out was a concert at a now late, lamented nightclub that often held concerts. Club nights I'd wear a nice sports shirt with dark slacks (going "commando" underneath the slacks).

As a hypeman for a main act is throwing stuff from the stage into the crowd, I moved up closer to the front of the stage (I was not at the barricade this night). This allowed me to snuggle near a sista' that was slowly swaying her hips in a suggestive manner.

She began catching me from my left side. In short order, I caught a CD that had been tossed from the stage. I pretended to examine the CD while she was bumping, sliding along my obvious boner.

Finally, she turns to me and asks, "Does it feel good, baby?" Dumbfounded, I felt I had been busted....didn't respond. So, she boldly asked me again - to which I did respond "hell yeah", or something along those lines.

She then kinda glanced over and said, "You feel good too."

It was a wet night.

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