Untitled (WARNING: she may be 25 years old)

I had a very weird encounter today. Imm gonna pause the stories after this because I feel like it’s the same story for me all the time lol. I humped the side of this lady’s ass . It’s not big but it’s good enough to make me cum. I went deep in the side of her ass. She was just on her phone texting. I finished in about 2 minutes probably. Right as I’m cumming she suddenly laughs hysterically!

I tried to read the conversation she had on the phone thru the reflection of the window to see if it was the convo but it was hard to do. I backed off and just wondered was she laughing that I came so quick lol. THEN, as we’re getting off the train she looked at me and then looked at my bulge and the big cumshot in my track pants.

It just looked wet lol I had on black track pants this time. No underwear obviously. She 100% looked at my bulge. And we made eye contact . It looked like she was smiling but it was hard to tell behind the mask.

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