Re: Allrounder/words from a target

About 3 years ago I got really lucky with an Asian girl at a huge festival. It was the next to last band at the most-crowded stage of the night, and I had been moving around getting targets all kinds of ways. I was busy with this one white girl in front of me, but kept getting pushed from behind. It was the Asian girl im speaking of. She would lean into me and I didn’t get what was happening. She did it over and over until I started understanding what was up: she WANTED to get in front of me! I realized all I needed to do to stop her pushing me was to let her by, which I did. I got the green light in the red light district! It turned out to be one of the more memorable experiences of my chikan career! I jumped her so openly you’d have thought we were a couple, and not only did I abuse her to her liking, but she let me know it, loudly! She was moaning so load I almost wanted to tell her to STFU! She was saying stuff like “ooh that feels SOOO GOOD”, and “ooh shit”, and attracting attention. It took me maybe 30 minutes of doing the nastiest things I could think of to get off. I rubbed it (bare) on her arm, I pulled her shorts up and stuck it under them, I whispered I was gonna cum, which I finally did, and it on her thighs! When my Dick went limp I just squeezed on her until I felt satisfied then I slowly pulled off of her. She kept pushing back as if wanting more, but I moved away abruptly and staggered through the crowd. That nutt had weakened me unbelievably! I got to a vendor, got something to drink, then made my way home. I didn’t even return the next day. I was drained! I’d had 2 good nutts that day but that second one was a doozy!

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