Re Guestz/Arm Humper

I have humped a girl from the front before, I posted it on here too, it was a blond Russian girl on the tube, a good few years back now, must be about 12 years or so, she had a red dress I cornered her at the end of a carriage, she was tall too so I didn't have to bend my knees at all, I had my cock out pressed directly on her pussy, with her thighs on either side of my cock and balls, my cock was rock hard the whole time, she was red as beetroot too.

She had no where to go and the best thing was she didn't get off after the first stop, she went two stops, and after the first one I played it a bit cool not wanting to push her too far, but when those doors closed I leaned into her face to face I thrusted hard into her pussy area, just the feeling that her soft cunt was just behind her thin dress and her panties was just heaven, I could feel the heat on my helmet, as she was most probably a tourist she would not resist or even out me, as the train slowed down to stop I was literally thrusting into her as if I was fucking her....when the doors opened as she went past me I made sure my bare cock was hard against her.

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