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Red dragon, it's funny you should mention humping a woman's knees now, as your story reminds me of something I did almost exactly ten years ago, on January 20th, 2011. I rubbed myself on the area just above her knee and looked directly at her face. There have been other times when I have humped standing women face to face, but usually I avoid looking into her eyes, because it would just be too much, and might put her off. Below is an extract from the story from January, 2011.

Creating loyal customers

This evening I had the special pleasure of repeating with yet another frottee. Sometimes a frotteurism month acquires a distinct character, like October 2008 when I humped a lot of arses (I think then it was six out of ten humping orgasms came from ass humping). This January is definitely going to stand out for the number of repeat customers. So far I have had six orgasms and four of these have been with repeaters.

The girl in question was one I had first done in August of 2006. Seeing her once or twice in the interim kept the memory of her face fresh in my mind. She is about 30 years old, tall, dark-skinned, round faced, bespectacled and she has a prominent nose. She might be a Seventh Day Adventist, because eventhough she was dressed for work in a grey skirt-suit, she wasn't wearing any make-up and her hairstyle was very simple.

Because she was sitting in a high seat, the easiest thing for me to do was to rub against her leg, just above the knee. Actually, it wasn't that easy, because I could only touch her with about the final third of my erection. The best thing about it was that I was able TO LOOK STRAIGHT INTO HER EYES during the act. Sometimes she closed her eyes, as if it was too much for her, but at other times she just looked about her as if nothing unusual were happening. And, in fact, it wasn't that strange, because we had done it all before. She could easily have moved her leg away from me at any time, but chose to leave it there for my use. And the orgasm, when it finally came, was extremely sweet.

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