Re: Chikan Expert

I just read that last post of yours. We are total opposites when it comes to preferences of “Dick out”! I only cum in loose clothing if I really don’t have a choice. But I enjoy it much better when I can secretly cum on my targets. This is why I prefer really crowded/packed summer festivals. It’s just so much easier to get away with it. I’ve done it in the daylight before, but only so I can get in two nutts in the same day but enjoy multiple targets. I ALWAYS wear either thin shorts or thin workout clothes, no underwear. The clothes I wear always have an easy-access fly opening that I can introduce or hide my johnson quickly. At night, when it’s usually as packed as it can get, I make sure I’m in an area with groups of girls so I can switch between them. Once, years ago, I ended up at a Snoop Dogg show, about 6 feet back from the stage. Couldn’t go any further. Just as he was about to come on a group of 6-7 20ish year old females pushed right past me then stopped. I pulled my Dick out and rubbed over their bare thighs and asses with my bare Dick over an hours time. I almost couldn’t make up my mind which one to nutt on! But when I did, I nutted on her and it ran down from the bottom of her exposed ass to below her knee! That IMHO is the best feeling of triumph! For me to go home and have to wash cum from my clothes is just not exciting enough. I wouldn’t dare do that on a bus or a train though.

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