@allrounder I have been going a wild groping spree since July. Once I discovered that buses and trains were full again, I’ve been groping way more often. About 2 days a week on average. There have been times where I would go in the morning and then again in the evening but tbh I don’t like to hunt everyday. If I regret it later that’s fine. I mean if I could I would do it maybe 4 or 5 days but I prefer to see my friends that I hang out with, plus work makes it difficult too. I spend most days working. I work anywhere from 10-14 hours a day

What I meant about humping shoulders, I just physically can’t cum. There was one time my dick got fully erect ( I have an above average dick size) while I was humping this one Colombian lady’s arm as she was talking on the phone. I was almost about to cum that time but this was after going on a 5 hour hunt trying to grope some ass.

I got turned on because her arm made my dick look really big. I was so close to cumming but she suddenly says “Esperate un momentito” -“wait a minute” to the person she was talking with, got up from her seat and walked away. She definitely noticed what I was doing

I never grope with my dick out. It doesn’t feel the same to me. I’ve done it 2 times out of curiosity. It was funny the first girl I did it one had on leggings. I got behind her and said fuck it let me take my dick out. It took me about 10 min to cum and I was laughing because he kept telling her friend that was in front of her “sorry but I’m being pushed from behind”.

She had not clue I had my dick on her. And when I came it was one of the most dissatisfying feelings ever. My cum landed on her leg which I found hot. But the feeling of cumming in my thin sweats is the best feeling.

2nd girl I groped with my dick out felt a lot better tbh. But it was because she had an enormous ass, a tight dress, and I had her pinned against a barrier, and on top of that she was with a group of guys. They had no clue. All my cum landed on the floor that time. Pretty good feeling but it doesn’t beat groping under loose clothing.

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