Re: Red Dragon Story

OMG! That is so hot a story! There’s nothing like being face-to-face with your target with her aware of just what you are getting away with! Shit man! That reminds me of a time at one of those festivals I brag about attending. I had a teenage morsel that I was abusing for a long stretch in front of a very packed stage. She was a player. I rubbed, Dick completely out, against her plump backside ever which way. At one point something happened behind us in the crowd and she turned around to see. I did not! When she turned completely around I planted my tool in between her upper thighs, right in her groin area. Gosh! I pumped the life out of my pecker, with her looking past me trying to give me the impression that she was oblivious. But I saw her biting her lip! She loved it, just as I did. Gosh I miss that kind of stuff!

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