@allrounder Wait yea that would make sense. You couldn’t hump her ass cuz obviously she was sitting down. My initial thought was that you preferred shoulders over ass. Calves sounds a little crazy to me. I just like to look at calves. Can’t hump someone’s calf though.

Do you do this with your bare dick or under some loose clothing?

Yes I have came against the same girl more than once..Crazy shit is it happened to me last week. Not even joking, that last pic I posted of my cum in my pants when I humped that 40 something year old Dominican lady, I think I humped her again. I wasn’t even gonna share the story because it sounds so fake . I’m not even 100% sure though. Her body + thickness of thighs + ass poking out underneath jacket + face kinda looked similar even though it’s hard to tell because of the mask.

Funny because someone below mentioned that life is routine. People take the same buses/trains at the same time everyday.. I read that post after I came with the Dominican lady. I swear I feel like coincidences like this happen to me often.

2nd time was pretty much like the first time. This lady had the same jacket, that’s actually the main reason I think it’s her. The only weird thing is that this time was she was shaking her head when I groped her . I really went rough going side to side in between her ass cheeks as I lifted up the back of her jacket. She wasn’t going anywhere though. Train was so crowded.

I’ve never been able to grope the same girl though before. Well successfully at least. I humped this one teen. Maybe about 15 . Man she was smoking hot. Her body was so crazy man. It was one of those “MAN I HAVE! TO GROPE THAT” bodies. We got into the train together and I had to really squeeze to get behind her because there was one lady annoyingly between us. Her cheeks were really soft . Too soft for me lmao because I came in less than a min smh.

She almost got away man. She was getting off at literally the next stop. As she was walking away I was 3 or so seconds away from busting so I had to do something I’m sure we’ve all done. I was running into her ass with my dick as quickly as I can before I lose her as she was walking away. she felt when I was cumming because she looked back at me when I came. Wasn’t a good loook lol

I saw her a week after that and my heart was pounding . She was wearing leggings this time .I was so damn hyped when I saw her. But man as soon as I got in the train with her she felt my dick right away. She moved very quickly squeezing through people to get away from me. This was before the masks so she def knew it was me. I ninja’d my way behind her because I knew if she saw my face she would remember. Man she def remembered my face because she was grilling me till she got off at the next stop

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