Re:Chikan Expert

What you did may not be as uncommon as you think. Or maybe now with cameras and all, it is. But back a few decades ago I worked in a big box store where groping was easy to get away with. There was this one incident that was an eye-opener. A black guy got reported to employees by a white woman claiming he walked up behind her while she was bent over looking at a child’s bike. He grabbed her by her hips and buried his boner as deep as he could, while grinding hard. She was started and let out a whelp which got our attention. The guy was detained and police were called. While awaiting their arrival, the woman actually felt remorse for reporting him! She decided not to even talk to police and the manager let him go with a warning not to return to “his” store! For added surprise, some of the black women employees stated that they “didn’t understand why she got so upset in the first place”! That “it happens all the time to all women”! I shit you not!

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