Just had one of the weirdest encounters. I was planning on seeing a hooker today. I decided I would go to the nearest supermarket by the hookers address just to walk around and grope some asses to get my dick excited. There was a very small crowd of 5 or 6 people by the fish section. I see this one Asian lady in her 40’s with a somewhat decent ass. I got behind her. Palmed her ass a bit

No reaction. I’m actually a little drunk rn. I usually don’t take risks like this but I decided fuck it, I got behind her as she was browsing the fish, and I buried my dick deep between her ass cheeks. I didn’t even try to hide it. I was being reckless. I checked around to see if anybody had their eye on me. Nobody . So I just stood there behind her and my dick got fully erect when she leaned over even more to reach for this one fish. When learned over more I dug even deeper and my dick gave up. I blasted in my track pants as she reached for it.

Only thing is as I was cumming, she felt it and backed off. She was startled . She just looked at me in disgust as I was still cumming in my pants and acting like I was browsing for fish lol.

Man I’m starting to realize I got a talent that most don’t have. To be able to cum in 20 seconds. THIS WHOLE THING TOOK ABOUT 20 SECONDS.

Might be the fastest nut in my life. I took some honey that makes you horny. Prob helped me cum faster lol. I recommend it to you guys. It’s safe.

I’m still gonna see that hooker fuck it. I’m still wasted man. I’m about to violate this broad.

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