A shopping spree pt 1 (WARNING: she may be 22 years old)

Today I went wild on my town. I'm moving soon and I had some errands to run that turned into me driving all over my side of town to a box store and several various grocery chain locations to look for opportunities.
The 1st store was a bust. I thought okay there's one chain store I used to go to often. I enter behind a nicely round ebony gilf. That ass is swangin' and I'm right behind her so I can pull up on the side her because the aisles are wide. Then she quickly turns off to the freezer side of the aisle. damn, It's like she knew what I was doing.
Now I'm looking at the first aisle and see a basketball shape on the back of a full length burka. I'm in shock and want to walk that way, but my greed insists I turn to check the other aisle. nothing, but I kept walking and passed her aisle. I circled around back to her, but she seemed like she knew and stomped off. I then went to an area with more narrow aisles and healthy foods. Always some plump fit asses all over. Never touched anyone here before because I was with my family. Today would be different. I got to the health food aisle at just at the end is a fit petite gilf in biker shorts. Nah, has to be more down the aisle, but nothing. I passed her, lingered for a while fake shopping and I leave for the even tighter frozen section. There is an attractive woman in workout tights paused in the middle of the aisle. I charge forward to get beside her and she bolts, like she knew
I regroup and head towards the other aisles and a super voluptuous Mexicana employee is walking ahead and I approach to get beside her and she suddenly turns a giant cart in front of me. I stop and I'm at the end of an aisle two women are coming out. South Asian mother and daughter. The daughter is petite with leggings on and her mom has saggy jeans. She looks mid 20s so I make a note and continue eventually I had about five opportunities, 3 attempts, and two successful passes with my favorite the passing palm. Whenever you pass them it doesn't need to be crowded, just position yourself so it isn't obvious. The daughter never flinched as I gently let my fingers slowly stroke her ass as I past. She was oblivious as I tried for another pass and she was in perfect position which surprised me, but I wasn't complainig. I approach and her mom is kinda in the middle of the aisle as she is again bent over looking on the shelves with her ass out like last time. Then her mom went next to her at an angle so I caress the jeans sagging from her ass lol. She didn't flinch either. Mom's jeans were sagging, but I could see she had some meat back there. But when I touched her all I felt was the jean material. Oh well.
Next stores coming up.

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