Re: Allrounder

The truth about all of us is, there’s a smorgasbord of reasons why and what we do to/with our targets. Although I love their skin, if I get a nice, juice boot that’s attached to a true player, I’m going to did all up in said booty! But I have multiple ways to do them. For instance, when I’m at crowded festivals and I take a break from standing at or near the barrier, one pastime of mines is walking thru those tight crowds toward evening when it’s starting to get dark with my tool fully exposed. I’ll position my hand in front of it when guys are too close as to not EVER touch them, but when girls slither and shimmy past I’ll drag it across legs, ass, crotch, or any dangling arms! That’s a really great treat to me! I’ve had girls scream “ugh, I just felt some guys dick!” They usually have no idea whose Dick it was, but I do! And because it’s usually so tight and so much pushing and shoving they quickly just forget it. I’ve walked through crowds while bands are playing doing the same thing to taller women standing behind their men. So many techniques! Can’t wait until this madness is over. I scheduled to receive a vaccination today.

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