Re: Allrounder

When it comes to girls “skin” I always share this story: women that truly want to attract potential partners, or just want to look good, will always put a lot into the appearance of their skin. They shave their legs, tan themselves, put on skin softening creams, whatever it takes to make their skin enticing. In the schools I attended, the rules prohibited girls from showing too much skin! So I would naturally think skin to be attractive when shown! I developed and relished in my attraction to beautiful, shapely legs and thighs. So naturally I enjoy rubbing cuming on that beautiful skin. I’m just a little perplexed that all guys don’t see it that way. I once (well, really multiple times) had hookers tell me that they thought it was “sexy” that I liked nutting on their bare skin! I actually had a girlfriend tell me she preferred it when guys nutted on her back, then massaged it in! With shoulders I just never had the opportunity, nor did I think about it. But now I think ‘maybe’. Happy hunting in 2021!

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