I’ve been reading about the shoulder thing for years now, and now all-of-a-sudden I’m getting interested in trying it! Most of my chikan-life I’ve concentrated on thighs and ass. Even as a little boy before I started school I can remember humping a Latina neighbors’ leg! I guess I’m part dog? Haha! But I moved on to ass as I got older and wiser. But as I’ve said before, growing up during the mini skirt era and all the advertisements for smooth legs (Nair, if some of you remember) it tore me between the best of both worlds! If I had public transit that was busy like yours I could experiment with it. But in my neck of the woods train’s don’t get that crowded, and buses are not my thing. Sure wish I could give it a try though. Maybe I’m missing out on something new! Meanwhile I’m trying to get vaccinated because when things loosen up I want to get back on it!

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