10/10 ass

@alll rounder I could never cum by humping a girls shoulder but I do like to do that for fore play if I see a attractive girl with her shoulder poking out. 2 weeks ago I actually humped the fuck out of this Hispanic lady’s shoulder. I did this for over 20 min. I’m a person that can’t handle groping a girls ass for longer than 10 min. I always cum within 10 min. Shoulders are fun for foreplay but that’s about it for me.

Imagine this ass in front of you at a concert.

This is another 10/10 ass in my books.

@buttmasher dude I tried to take a picture of that 40 something year old Dominican girl but as soon as I lifted up the back part of her jacket, I took a peek to make sure she had a nice ass underneath (which she did) but I got caught by 2 women in the process. They had their eye on me for like 2 min. I hate when nosy ppl stare at you when you’re doing your thing. I’ve seen chikans many times in my life at the revlon kisscam. Not once did I stare at them while they’re chikaning. It just ruins your focus

@red dragon have you ever had a positive feedback from a girl you’ve flashed? I can imagine 99% of girls would freak out or just walk away lol

I was thinking the other day . Imagine if there was a show “To Catch A Chikan” lmaoo and they have decoys with fatasses roam the trains/concerts. And then you get interrogated by Chris Hansen + arrested . Man that would be some shit.

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