Niece (WARNING: she may be 15 years old)

I have a lot of Chikan stories but honestly the best is a long term target so lemme tell you. My wife’s sister had this daughter. I’ll call her Eve. I first met this girl when she was 15 and damn she was a fine piece even then. Brunette, deep blue eyes, freckles. She had nice big tits probably Ds, nice sexy hips and legs. Thick lips, a cute tight bubble butt. She had me drooling from the first time I saw her. I knew I had to get a piece somehow.

I’d creep on her when I’d see her try to get close, bump into her, something. I’ll never forget Thanksgiving we were in a packed kitchen. She slides past me and her ass rubs all across me. She was wearing leggings and it felt amazing. She felt smooth, firm, warm. It made me want more, so I kinda skulked around and waited for her to be walking out and ran my hand across her butt. I felt both cheeks run across my hand firm and soft I wanted it so bad. I wouldn’t get another chance for months until there was a barbecue with my wife’s family.

I saw her and her boobs were even bigger. She’d gained a little weight. But it made her have massive tits, thicker thighs and hips And an even fatter bubble butt. Eventually football was brought up Eve was going to and so I took this chance. I stayed close to her and surely enough she got the ball soon. I dove for her and wrapped my arms around her and immediately grabbed her juicy boob. And toppled onto her and and pressed my dick onto her ass. I quickly got up and when I did put my hand on her ass cheek and pushed myself up. I lent her my hand to get up. She looks at me and says well you’re a handsy one aren’t you? I just nervously laughed and I didn’t try again. I was terrified she was going to say something to someone but it never happened. I think I saw her one or two more times but her comment made me nervous to make a move.

Then one day out of the blue it happened. Wife says her sister is kicking Eve out and asks if she can stay with us. Of course! And I knew it was on.

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