Came again the next day!


The story isn’t that crazy tbh . I waited on the platform hunting for a target. There were none actually but as I was walking by each train car I see one girl that was a bit short maybe 5 ft tall. She was in her early 30’s . Hispanic lady, couldn’t see the face because of the mask but from the eyes she seemed attractive, nice ass man. Every car was packed . I see her by the train doors and there was just enough space for me to fit

I had to tell the person in front of me to move just a bit forward. My target was leaning on the door. I pressed my dick on the side of her cheek. I went so deep man. I say she was a player because she used her ass to push me back. At least that’s what it felt like. I came in 3 min probably.

Crazy thing is I forgot to fap to that experience later that night. So yest I decided I had another good load of cum to chikan again. First Lady I had my eyes on to chikan let me have my way!
She was Dominican in her 40’s probably. As we were getting in the train I lifted up the back of her jacket to get my dick behind her. I’ve done this maybe 3 or 4 times before. Gets me horny every time.

This is the kinda jacket she had on

She had just the right jacket for me to lift the back part up ;)

I knew she had an ass because of her legs. She had thick legs and the back of her jacket was poking out. I did everything with her. I don’t think she was aware though. Well maybe. Not sure. But I went side to side on her, humped back and forth, pushing her forward. I actually took my dick out of my sweats but man for some reason it doesn’t feel the same.

I was only able to do it one time and was able to cum but that’s because that girl had a 10/10 ass and had on a tight dress on, and I had her on a barrier. It was easy for me. But with sweats and no underwear. The friction from the sweats makes it feel better for some reason

Anyway, I put my dick back in my sweats and I pushed and pushed . I did something I haven’t done in a while but since this one allowed me to do everything else, I pushed her forward while I was humping her as I was cumming in my sweats.

In this picture, I think that’s why my cum ended up being towards my knees lmao. My dick was aiming downwards in her crack as I was humping her.

Last picture of my cum in my sweats . I promise

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