Mass Porn Exodus (WARNING: she may be 18 years old)

Let's really look at this from most damage to least damage.

1. Pornhub. They deleted all unverified videos and I don’t think they have any plans of undoing this right now considering how big their monetary loss was. Business before customers y'know.

2. Xhamster. From what I’ve gathered so far it looks like the video tags are what got you. Tags like teen and force have been wiped. A lot of our iconic videos have that. The new teen tag is (teen 18+). The thing I find funny about this is words like chikan, arrimon, creepshot, upskirts, grope, novinha aren’t wiped. Whoever is in charge of the sweep on this site did as little as possible to make sure the site was consensual. They are not watching videos unless they are reported and they don't seem to be deep searching for anything bad on their site. I’ve actually been finding a lot of pretty good videos actually. I’m more distrustful of them, but they really haven’t gone as heavy as pornhub.

3. Xvideo. From what I’ve seen so far they really haven’t done much. It seems they have merely buried questionable content like rape and force. I used to watch forced upskirts and was curious to see what was there. They’ve changed VIDEO TITLES with the word forced to “ F.” So that content that is “pretending” to be forced is still uploaded the title is changed though. The word and tags rape seem to be gone though. Tags and titles like hardcore, teen, ( I even saw a teenager tag), are still there. There was literally a video titled “ F. Anal Teen” for hardcore. It’s laughable how little they are doing.

4. Other porn sites. Self explanatory but they seem to be mostly unaffected by this unless it is a site that links you to xhamster or pornhub they are unaffected. Shit I found a video where the actors were faking some very fucked up shit. Shit that wouldn’t cut it on porn hub at all and would not be stable on xhamster even with them knowing it is fake.

What most of us do is real though. And the publicly we are considered in the moral black. But anyway this post is to say that I really don’t think the porn industry has reacted to this as dramatically as we think besides pornhub. After briefly looking into this I'm starting to think this is very show pony shit. I'd say don’t use tags that are questionable and watch your titles on some sites. The loopholes and questionable content is still on these porn sites minus pornhub. It’s a little disconcerting how little some of these sites have done in my opinion. I think any of us could have done better than them at cleaning their sites from questionable content. The world goes on.

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