I started groping when I was 8 years old. I used to see my older brother who is 4 years older hump our cousin. At the time I had no idea why he would always wrestle with her. I used to always see his dick get hard and he would always bite his lip as he’s wrestling her. About the same year I started groping. I dabbled in it for the next 8 years. Not full time. I seriously did not realize I was causing harm . I just wanted to pleasure myself. It wasn’t until I turned 16 where I realized I knew I had a “problem”.

To the guest that mentioned being called the groper in school. I never had the courage to do that in school because I.was a shy kid. However, I was known for hugging my cousins friends inappropriately . I used to try to show off my “muscles” and I would ask my cousins friends “how much do you weigh?” And they would say whatever they weighed. I would then go behind them and lift them up and say “wow you’re so light”

I would always get a boner and most of them knew and didn’t care because I was really handsome kid when I was 12-16. I never got called out on it but girls would know and would just laugh at the fact .

I cringe hard now at how desperate I was to feel some ass on my dick lol. I couldn’t help myself though. This is how I know I’m gonna be dealing with frottuerism for a long time.

Saw this while I was working the other day. This would be my number 1 choice 99% of the time. It hard to beat this kind of ass . I love them thick, bouncy, round, soft, wide. I’m happy to say I’ve gotten ass that looks like this about 15 or so times.

I hope the picture uploads because I wanna see your guys reaction to this ass. 10/10 in my books

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