Tried replacing chikan with massages. Doesn't work

Hi guys. First time poster here. For the last few months I have frequenting massage parlors because of the lack of public transport and concert action. Sadly I have only negative experiences to report. I have tried groping a few Asian massueses but to no avail. First off, you are lying down on a table, so the groping opportunities are at a minimum. I tried coping a feel after the massage was done, but the women don't allow it. They will only give you a happy ending if you pay, but this is just not the same as chikaning a woman on a crowded bus. It just feels different if you know what I mean. I miss tye excitement and the feeling of domination that I feel when I'm out on my "missions". So like all of you, I miss tye good ol' days and am egearly awaiting better more crowded times. Anyway, just to reiterate - massages cannot make up for chikaning. They just don't produce the same feelings.

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