And I LOVE how you threw the "simp" term in their to show that you're woke to feminazi and mangina Agenda they have going on in society now!!!!!@@

I used some of those tips naturally;
like not testing with hands but rather my pipe because chicks are more conscious to a hand thats bigger than your thingamajig touching their ass which most girls are intimately familiar with a the sensation of hands touch any way.

Even if you chikan at a grocery store line a chick will respond to a hand quicker than your rod, by experience and videos on porn sites where chikans post I've witnessed that.

Now the tip I loved the most was navigating through the dense thick packed crowds without having noisy fucktards stare at you when you finally find your target, coming in from a side angle following females have been a thing I did a few times especially when getting out a crowd but never really thought about of doing it to get in which is extremely genius as well as common sense if my dumbass would've thought about it lol 😆 but the only reason I dont is because I don't feel LIKE WAITING for train to hop on I just want to get in and find my target ride.

In concerts that are indoor you dont really have to worry about nosey peopl due to how dark it is, even though I could've sworn I saw this one young dude looking at me for a few seconds when I pulled my shit out on this one game bitchbat a concert a year ago but he didn't do gay shit like keep staring he minded his own business and I kept up my ride lol.

Outdoor however yea I did notice dickheads and bitches staring at me as I barged in and got my target ride annoying as fuck.
It got better when it got darker though.

I like your tips, if others got ideas and suggestions from the chikan brotherhood then do input to keep the forum active. 👏👌💯

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