Witnessed chikan getting arrested

Fuuuuuck, I witnessed a chikan getting arrested today. He was in his early 50’s maybe. I was walking around at this undisclosed location, just groping many asses with my hands, out of nowhere I hear a woman yell “fuck you , you fucking pervert! I saw what you were doing!!!”. The chikan just kept repeating “I don’t know what you’re talking about” over and over.

A cop was literally 10 ft away. He comes over and grabs the chikan. The chikan just keeps repeating the same thing. The lady explains to the cop “this man was behind my daughter rubbing his dick on her ass”. There were about 50-60 people around just witnessing all of this happen. Funny thing is I back handed the lady that was talkings ass for like 3 seconds haha. I took advantage, I knew her attention was all on the other chikan. She had a nice fucking ass. Better ass than the daughter who was about 20/21/22 years old.

The officer than attempts to handcuff him and calls for back up because the chikan was resisting arrest. Chikan ends up getting tackled to the ground by 4 or 5 officers. I have no idea why he didn’t just run lol. I’ve been in situations like this where the girl I’m chikaning notices me groping them and they make a scene. I always run. It’s only happened to me about 4 or 5 times in my chikan career.

Man I’m not gonna lie though I felt bad for the daughter. She was crying hysterically. I think it was partly because everybody was staring at her after her mom explained to the officer that her daughter was being groped in front of so many ppl. The mother said “how did you not feel it?! He was moving his hips as he was behind you” lol the Chikan must’ve been enjoying it so much he forgot to be aware of his surroundings.

Please fellas be aware of your surroundings man. And if the girl you’re groping turns around and calls you out, never act like you know they’re talking to you. Just keep with a straight face and walk away or run away if they follow you.

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