My cousins friends daughter (WARNING: she may be 14 years old)

Set a world record for getting the fastest boner yesterday.

I spent yesterday at my brothers house. He had a few people come over whom I haven’t seen in 3 or 4 years. To my surprise, my cousins friends daughter who is now 14 got hot.

I even have a picture of her from last night in her tight red dress but none of you guys wanna teach me how to upload pictures. I tried to upload pictures in the past where it says “upload file” but it didn’t work.

Anyway, she turned so red when I said hi to her. I’m almost certain she has a crush on me. She had on a nice red silky dress. Man she has a nice body/ass now. I never looked at her this way last time I saw her. But man yesterday, I couldn’t stop looking at her. Her ass was looking so humpable.

Around 1 am everyone was pretty wasted including me. And all I could think of is how I’m gonna grope her . Even if it’s just for a quick second. Everyone is pretty much drinking, dancing. The mother and father of the girl are wasted too. When I finally found the right time to hunt for her, I left the living room and went upstairs to find her. Had no game plan I was just gonna see what I can do.

I go into my nephews room and there she is. It’s my nephew (who is 10), 3 of his friends, the girl and her 13 year old brother. My nephew and his friends we’re playing super smash bros (distracted) and the girl and her brother were arguing back and forth. Suddenly she gets up and take his phone. They were arguing about a tik tok video . Not sure what the video was but here is where my pants get tight.

He gets up and runs after her to get his phone back. They run into my brothers room (I follow behind) and he’s wrestling with her to get the phone back. She’s just laughing giggling. It was pissing him off lol. So he looks at me and says “hey _______, please help me!”. I got behind her and started “holding her arms down” from behind. I got so hard, so fast. I pulled her back against the wall. She practically grinded on me for a couple of secs because she was trying to escape. My dick was in heaven. I was so mad I had on jeans though, If not I would have probably been able to cum.

This lasted maybe 2 minutes. I was too scared that someone would have seen me perving. Not sure how to end this story so I’m just gonna say what Penguinz0 would say “and that’s it, see ya”

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