3 quick stories (WARNING: she may be 16 years old)

1. This was about a month ago. As usual I was scoping for a fat ass on the train platform. I find this one shy looking 15/16 year old with a nice round ass. She had on these colombian jeans with no ass pockets . It one of the fastest hunts I did in a while. She was the first target I chose and she let me have my way man. She had a very innocent looking face, kinda hot nerdy looking girl, and she had on a bulky book bag on.

When the train arrived, train was very crowded. Train doors open. She got in. I followed very closely behind her. I did something very risky but it made my dick get ROCK hard. As we were getting in I lift her book bag (which was slightly heavy) and I gently moved her book bag to the side as much as I could so that I can plant my dick on her cheek. I successfully do it and I’m just waiting for the doors to close so I can use the motion of the train to dig as deep as I could on her ass cheek.

Doors close and I start digging and digging. While still lifting her bookbag to the side. She’s oblivious to the whole thing. I’m about a minute in the train ride and have about 3 more min to get to the next stop. I decide to get really pervy (first time I did this) and quietly tell her in her ear “hey sorry you mind taking off your book bag, it’s really crowded” . She looks back and says “oh Yeaa, I’m sorry” :))))

She takes it off. As she’s taking it off she has to hunch over to put her bag on the floor. Her ass is sticking out, pushing me back in the process :))) . She apologized for pushing me with her ass haha. She obviously has no clue I’m poking her hard with my dick. Train started slowing down as it arrives at the next stop and I use the motion of the train to dig deep in between her cheeks and...well you know the rest.

2. This one was 11 years ago when I was Junior in high school. I had this one hot teacher. Till this day I truly believe I could have possibly banged her. She used to always look at me and always put her hand on my shoulder whenever she would pass by my desk. She was about my age now. She was 27/28 years old. Italian, had a nice rack upstairs and a decent round ass. There were certain days she would just wear a long skirt that hugged her ass and made her ass look amazing.

In order to graduate, I had to complete a internship and decided I would do my internship in the Math Department (my hot teacher was a math teacher). A lot of times the teachers would send me to make copies/or scan whatever documents they wanted me to print. The printer was in a room across from the math department. Nobody was ever in there and there were no cameras .

One day I come to my internship and my hot teacher wants me to make her some copies. It was about 120 copies. I got to the printer and i start making the copies. About 20 copies in, the printer jams. I go over to my teacher and I tell her the printer is jammed . She says “ohh okay I’ll be right over to help”. I start walking back and start getting horny because I realized it’s just gonna be us 2 in there.

She finally comes in the room and we both start trying to fix the printer. I have a hard on the entire time just fantasizing having my way with her in the printer room . Man she looked so good this day. About 2 min in, she asks me to get more computer paper that was behind us . I walk over and while I’m getting the paper she gets a phone call. The perv in me kicks in.

She’s talking on the phone, bent over, ass sticking out in front of me, I had on sweats. Adrenaline is running man. I walk over to her . Stand right beside her. I poke her with my dick very softly on her ass cheek. Heart is beating so fast because of the risk. I left it on her cheek for no longer than 10 seconds. Still fap to those 10 seconds lmao. She didn’t notice my dick on her at all. Only reason I stopped is because she suddenly got on her knees and starts checking something out behind the printer.

So now she’s on her knees, her face is behind the printer, ass sticking out . I said fuck it. I got one of the computer sheets, took my dick out and jacked off as quickly as I can and bust my nut on the sheet of paper. I really wanted to bust my nut on her but of course I didn’t do it for obvious reasons.

3. One of my most odd groping stories is this one. I was walking around a busy area in my town. I came across a small band performing some Indian music. It was a small crowd with about 30 people or so huddled around the band. I see this one older lady maybe in her late 50’s. She was a bit chubby but her ass was pretty good. She was wearing one of those indian dresses (sorry I don’t know what they’re called). She starts swaying left and right as they were performing. I got right behind her and for about 15 min she was making contact w my dick while she was swaying

I could not concentrate on the nut because of how small the crowd was. I was paranoid I was being looked at. The music ends abruptly and everyone starts walking away.

I was so close to cumming I felt like all I needed was a couple of more seconds to finish. The lady walks away and I follow right behind her. Just hoping she would walk into a supermarket so I can try my best to finish it off. Instead, she walks into a restaurant. There was a small line so I thought hmmm I could possibly get a quick nut while waiting on line behind her.

I was struggling and struggling because of people around us waiting for their food at the front counter. I couldn’t get too close to her or else people would notice. I’m about to just walk away because it was her turn next to order. But thank god I waited . Because she was too fucking blind to read the store menu. I thought hmm I can “help her read the menu” (get behind her and nut quickly in the process). But something even better happened.

She asks for a take out menu. The clerk walks to the back and starts getting the food orders for the customers that we’re in front of us. I look around and everyone is either busy talking or looking at their phone. The lady bends over the counter to try to read the take out menu but just couldn’t lol. I get right behind her and waste no time. My dick is in between her cheeks as she’s trying to read the menu. Then she reaches in her purse to get something out (which ended up being her glasses). I bust a nice nut as she’s digging in her purse looking for her glasses and I’m digging in her cheeks :)

You know what happens next.

Sadly though, 3 or so people noticed what I was doing. They didn’t say anything though, they just looked at me like I was fucking creep lol. Which they’re right lmao.

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