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I wrote this story 10 yrs ago the writing style sucked lol but im not a writer and i don't feel like editing

chikan unity (WARNING: she may be 23 years old)

Wat up fellas I been a long time lurker on dis board and never been inspired 2 write.but today was something great...let jus tell u guys I'm from ny and I jus got back from da dominican day pared which is still going on as I write dis...I been doing dis chikan shit since I was 12 I jus turned 30 so I have a good amount of stories and all are true un like some of u other guys...all right let me start my storie like I was saying went 2 the pared 2 day got there bout 11 way 2 early since it dosent start till 2...But I said fuck it I jus us dis time 2 hunt there so much ass out there I didn't take long...I found this nice brown skin domincin chick wit a nice round ass and a short short pair of kaki shorts and the bueaty about it she was by herself at da barricad wit her ass pushed out but it wasent 2 crowed yet so I posted up bout 10ft from her I even recored her ass for a good 5 min from every thing I knw shorty jus walks off iam thinken fuck I wasent 2 close 2 her so I kno it wasent then I see she was standing in the sun she jus went 2 find a cooler spot so I jus say o well dat one is lost so its on 2 the next one so I start my hunt all over again like I said there is crazy ass so I didn't take long once again... dis were the storie gets good I spot dis fine ass brown skin wit the most perfect ass in a summer dress fellas u kno wat I'm talkn da kind of ass dat u could sit a glass on and guys if u kno wat summer dress iz u kno it dosent push the up so that all I imedetly post up behind her and I c she's wit her freinds 4 white girls no ass 2 in front my traget and the other girl on da right...that's when I hear start talkin da french languge dats how I found out they were I knew game was on because there less likley 2 now dis time its bout 1230 crowed start swellin people gettin closer all of a sudden dis small dominincan chick wit a nice bubble in a short ruffled skirt stands next 2 me wit her friends...dats when I start thinkin should I jump ship I said 2 myself na man u got a good thing right in front of u don't be greedy...dats when I c onther chikan get behind her....iam 5,10 so dis dude is bout 6'2 keep in mind da chick wit da bubble and da ruffeld skirt he jumps behind is bout 5'4 wich is 2 short 4 him and I c him realizin dat so he backs off a bit jus at second little mexican stands next 2 me and trys 2 chickan my targets friend that's standing 2 the right and I start lahging right away because dis guy I about 5'3 and my target and all her freinds are about 5'8...that's when I c da 6'2 look down at my target and see him size me keep in mind 5'10 190 pounds solid so iam no light weght all of a sudden start fellin try 2 push me off my target but he relized quick I wasn't movein so he stop and got behind the mexican chikan...and less then 20 seconds a older bald chikan took the place of 6'2 chikan now da older bald chikan is bout 5'8 and I'm thinkin da girl wit da bubble and da ruffled skirt is jus right 4 him but I guess he didn't think so becuese 2 my suprise I fill him tryin 2 bump me off my traget agressively....iam thinkin wat da fuck not again so me and is start bumping shoulders hard I think2 myself u not takin my target u got a girl right in front of u dats perfect 4 u I been preping my target for 45min it ain't happing dats when I give a nice good push wit out trying 2 draw 2 much attion {forgive my spelling I'm not 2 good} that's when dis faggot turns 2 me and say why u all up on me u got all dis space I could have flip but I played it cool and I looked @ him wit dis salty lookand laghed at him and looked around a said wat space...that's when he backed down so now I not only defended my traget not once but fellin good iam fellin like da man that's when I hear that one of my traget friends iz gettin sumthing 2 drink and it jus happens 2 b the one dat da mexican is on so she leaves and I'm sayin fuck she guna leave but she didn't so I said 2myself dis might end soon and the parede didn't even start yet so I got agressive plowed rihgt into da as crack {o I forgot 2 tell u guys I was wearing a pair of thin track pants no under wear} it was the best ever but that didn't last long because all of a sudden I fill da mexican tryin 2 push me off say wat da fuck here we go again dats the kind of ass dis girl had...let me tell u dhat little mexican put up the best fight u kno how mexicans get when it comes 2 chikanin so nowme and him are havin a uneccrey shovin match because like I said dude is about 5'3 5'4 and my target is 5'8 so wat is gettin ou of it...mean while dis and iam in crack of this girls ass fellin erey thing so I know she had on a thong...and start lossing my hard on because iam puttin all myengery into fighting dis mexican...that's when I hear da 6'2 chikan say yo player let me get sum of that iama true player I like 2 share especihly when there's ass 4 days out there...there no need 2 fight over it so I say ight but dis dude right here givin me problems he says don't worry bout him ill push him right off I say na I got it come 2 the other side.keep in mind were 2 strangers that started batteling each other 2 try and butt fuck the same girl now were workin 2 gether so he moves 2 my left side and as does that I completly push da mexican out the way so now iam on her right ass cheek and he's on da right not ass good as the crack but I was willing 2 share now he gets up on her and I see him start messin wit crouch area he pulls dick out and stars jerkin so I say yo we 2 close so he says u right so he walks off and says I b back I say ight now da pared starts 2 pop I got my target all 2 myself. Right away I put my dick back in da crack of her ass 1min later the of her friends go 2 get. Somthing 2 drink and I guess in french ask if she wants 2 go she shook her no so iam like this chick is game so now her friends leave and that forces me out of positoin and little would u kno here comes that f'n mexican now iam on the left side of her ass cheek and da mexican is on da right so now iam gettin pissed of because he won't move he can't even reach his dick up 2 ass so I say fuck dis I act like I was talkin on the and put my elbow right in his face and keap it glued 2 his for good 10min before he got the hint so now moves and once again I got my target all 2 my self dis time I able 2 enjoy da exprince my dick got hard right away so I start humpin hard my dick sliding in and out of her it even got 2 da point were I grab her waist and went 2 work let this girl was player and that jus turned me on even more so I start goin in harder every pump I made her ass jiggiled on my pelvic bone while my dick was going in and out of her crack I jus couldint take no more an nutted right in her ass crack I pushed harder while I was unloding and I jus let my dick twich in her ass all the while she jus keap screming and jumping so I said 2 myself fuck it Ill go for anthore one dis time wit my dick out now dis the first time I ever did this pulled my dick out and sank it right in the ass that fellin is undesrbable I start pumping again and get hard that's were the problem starts I have a 8'5 in dick that's kinda hard to hide so I say fuck and put it back in jus as I do that here comes da 6'2 chikan and he ask me if iam good I say yea and I move completly off my target give him a pound and I tell him dis girl would let u do now I let him do his thing let me tell u guys dis dude is smooth he moves right on her and goes 2 work I swear for good good 5min he was givin it 2 dis girl dick out and every thing next thing I c this guy nut all over her ass he turns and says good lookin and I say know doubht and he left and I left bout 2min later...that's wat I mean when I say chikan unity we need 2 practice dis more and iam out hope u guys enjoyed if so holler at me and I will become a member and post even more stories.later

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